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Whether you’re an avid retro gamer looking for a way to relive your favorite NES memories on your big screen TV, or you want to introduce the next generation in your household to your addiction, you can do both (and a whole lot more) with Wii points.

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Wii Points Are a Great Idea and Here’s why

Wii points refer to the mode of currency used by Nintendo gamers that own the Wii or the Nintendo DSI system. They can be purchased using online transactions or through buying the Nintendo Points Card. These points are then transacted via the Wii Shop Channel or through Nintendo DSI shops.

After enjoying wholesome popularity in the eighties and nineties, Nintendo experienced a drop in sales with the advent of online gaming. However they overcame this with the inception of the Nintendo Wii. Over the years, the Wii points system was developed and this has been a great platform for gamers. Here are some of the reasons why.

1. Money can now be made from older games. The popularity of Nintendo runs back three decades. The games that were common at the height of its popularity bring forth a sense of nostalgia to the gamers that have grown with this brand. With the points system, gamers now have a chance to purchase the games they played when they were much younger and this contributes to Nintendo’s overall revenue. An added advantage is that Nintendo does not have to compromise the quality of their games as they can still sell them at affordable prices and still be able to compete with larger gaming companies.

2. One can get a larger selection of games. With the Wii point system, you get the chance to purchase non-Nintendo games too and not just the company’s original video games. Games that have been released under other brand names such as Sega and Neo Geo (just to name a few) can also be purchased using these points thus increasing the sphere of games that one can enjoy under Nintendo’s banner.

3. It is convenient. Lastly, using Wii points is not an arduous task. Once purchased you have the games to entertain you for time immemorial.