Free Wii Points Generator

Whether you’re an avid retro gamer looking for a way to relive your favorite NES memories on your big screen TV, or you want to introduce the next generation in your household to your addiction, you can do both (and a whole lot more) with Wii points.

Getting Wii points can get expensive when you have a big library of games and DLC, but with our free wii points generator you can keep that money in your wallet or spend it on snacks and drinks to keep you gaming.

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Creative Ways of Earning Free Wii Points Codes

Since November 2006, Nintendo has become a trend setter in the gaming world through its offering Wii. The uniqueness of the game rests in the fact that you must have Wii points in order to enjoy the game maximally. However, times are lean and these points can get expensive thus limiting your gaming experience hence the popularity of free Wii points codes

Why are Wii points so crucial on the Nintendo console? They serve as the premium currency whether you want to download games compatible with your game console or other items in the Wii shop. Simply speaking, your game will be boring and drab if you do not have an avenue through which to source Wii point for free.


How do you access the free Wii points codes? There are many online Wii point generators some of which will disappoint you while others will deliver the goods. The question that comes to mind is how these websites are able to offer free premium currency for such a popular game. The answer rests in gaming advertisements and sponsors who will do anything to get a piece of the gaming pie.

Now that you have a clue of where the free Wii codes come from, why not get more insight into these websites. One of the most common methods used by these companies is requesting for completion of short surveys in return for Wii codes.

Other offers will require you to like and share on Facebook and you instantly get a free 12 digit code. However, these processes are not as simple as they look and before you get the code if you manage to; there are multiple requests to give further information. Ideally, it is crucial to be very cautious to avoid giving sensitive information.

Another way of getting free Wii points codes is by registering your products on the Wii page. You will receive stars which you can swap for free Wii points. You can also check in your game package for a scratch card that enables you to get stars which again can be swapped on the Wii page for free points.

Nintendo’s Wii is all about fun and these ideas can enhance the intensity of the experience with free points. Go for it.